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El Tesoro de Mi Tierra literally means “The Treasure of My Land” and what a treasure it is! Artisan-grown and crafted, El Tesoro de Mi Tierra (or TMT for short) tequila is made from 100% blue agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

TMT Tequila is artisan-grown and crafted from 100% blue agave.

Speak to a customer care specialist at:

(509) 520-3776


Current release

Reposado (Aged).

“This has a creamy vanilla nose, and a spicy finish similar to the blanco. It has a moderately thick body that retains agave well, with a fair amount of sweetness. Little bits of cinnamon are evident as the dry finish lingers on your palate.”

Speak to a customer care specialist at:
(509) 520-3776

Current release

We thrive in making fine Tequilas that enrich the taste&soul.



  • “This has a spicy, dry finish. Give it some time to open up. It has pleasing aromas of black pepper, cinnamon and slight mint. It has a pleasing warm finish that feels oily in your mouth. This is a solid blanco with character.”
  • Speak to a customer care specialist at:
    (509) 520-3776


Extra Añejo

  • Extra Añejos — the most aged and expensive form of tequila — attracts all palates, from seasoned tequila drinkers to newbies who find their rich oak flavors reminiscent of other dark spirits.
  • Speak to a customer care specialist at:
    (509) 520-3776



We invite you to discover for yourself the treasure that is TMT Tequila. Sample the authentic flavors of pure 100% blue agave tequila, handcrafted for your enjoyment.


``The Treasure of My Land”

Once you taste TMT Tequila, you’ll be transported to a world south of the border. Immediately, you can see and feel the authenticity of Mexico.



Taste the Treasure

100% Blue Agave

Artisan-grown and crafted in jalisco, mexico

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